14 Steps to Removing Star Trails

1. Open up the picture in photoshop CS
2. Go to toolbar and select image then duplicate
3. Highlight the copy then go to tool bar and press select then all
4. Go to tool bar then hit edit then copy
5. Activate original picture then go to tool bar and hit edit then paste
6. Then hit (ctrl &+) to magnify it to 500 times
7. Then go to layers mode and select darken
8. Then go to tool bar hit filter then other then offset
9. Set undefined aresa set to wrap around
10. Then adjust horizontal and vertical adjustments untill you get the star the way you want it
then hit ok
11. Now go to layer on tool bar and then to flatten image
12. Resize the picture to actual size
13. Adjust brightness and contrast to your liking
14. then save the picture
and you are done

Credits to Bud Guinn for this informative operation
Buds astronomy web site