My review of the Explore Scientific AR 152 mm Refractor.

I had purchased the Explore Scientific 152 mm refractor mainly for Cub Scout outreach so they can earn their Astronomy Badges.

I decided to test the scope out for optics and performance before the Cub Scouts got to view with it.

The first night out I gave it a good workout bouncing all over the skies.

After I got everything aligned on the mount I wanted to check to see how the CA was on the scope.

I decided Archtutus was a good subject and eas high enough in the sky for the test.

There was some color fringing but not as bad as I would have expected fron an Acro.

I did some thinking and remembered I had a Baader minus violet filter in the OBS so I had installed it on the

Explore Scientific 20 mm EP that came with the scope.

90 % of the false colors went away Archturus.

After this test I went into Leo and started to look at all of the different Galaxy's.

The views of M95 and M96 were very nice.

I then went into Ursa Major and had a very nice view of M 81 and M82.

From there I went to M57 and also the scope produced a very nice image.

I went over to M27 from there.

After a short break I wanted to give this scope what I call the do or die test.

I went into Cygnus to look for the very faint Veil Nebula area.

NGC 6995 was a very nice view as well as NGC 6992 ans NGC 6960.

NGC 6960 was the dimmest of the bunch but was very visable from the point to the fan tail.

I stayed in Cygnus a while and got a faint glimps of the Cresant nebula NGC 6888.

Slewed over to the North American nebula then the Pelican Nebula.

Both revieled a very nice view for me. The Pelican was more visable then the North American Nebula.

After viewing some of the very dim Nebula I want to do a bit more viewing of stars.

I went over to Alberio and it yeilded a nice split with very nice colors.

The Next night out I wanted so see what more the scope would do.

I bounced around from M13 to M5 and a few other Globular clusters.

All gave nice views and resolved the core very nicely.

I wanted to test the scope more for CA so I waited a few days for the moon to rise.

The 152 mm gave a nice view of the moon but as expected with a slight greenish to purple cast on the terminator.

I also viewed Venus and as expected the CA was evident as well but in no means spoiled the views.

Well after all the testing I realized the Scope performs very well as is right out of the box with the supplies eyepiece.

Adding the Minus filter is a definate plus for removing the CA from the very bright stars as well as the Moon and Venus.

As for the deep sky objects I was very pleased with the scope and NO minus filter.

It yeilds very nice high contrast views of Globular Clusters,Nebula as well as Galaxy's.

As I stated this was initually purchased for Outreach but im finding myself using it more and more for personal viewing whil I am imaging.

So In conclusion this is a Very nice scope and will yeild some very pleasing views without breaking the bank.

The 2 speed 10:1 focuser is a big plus as is the convient carrying handle built into the scope rings.

I would recommend this telescope to anyone who wants a nice big Refractor that is well built and does not want to break the bank.


Mark Sibole

MTSO Observatory

Fife Lake Michigan

Explore Scientific Web Site