M.T.S.O. Equipment

MY LX200

10 inch LX200 Classic
with 80 mm Megrez
10 inch LX200 Classic
with 80 mm Megrez view 2
Equipment shelf
and accessories
Computer table for imaging
AMD 750 mhz and 15 inch monitor

Equipment List

Meade LX200R 10 inch reflector f/10 telescope.
Mease ETX 125 w/electronic focuser
Meade DSI PROII and filters
Meade DSI-C imager.
Meade heavy duty wedge.
Steel pier (self built).
Meade 80 mm APO
Meade ETX 90 mm for a photoguide scope.
Meade 8x50 finder scope.
Meade series 5000 2x-3x and 5x barlows
Meade 6.3 focal reducer.
Meade 3.3 focal reducer
Meade 2 inch diagonal with UTHC coatings
Multiple Meade series 4000 eyepieces

(New) Astronomic 13 nm ha filter
(New) Williams Optics 80 mm Megrez semi apo
Losmandy dove tail system for photoguide scope.
Losmandy ring set.
Adaptor to fit a 35 mm camera lense to the Pictor and DSI.
35 mm pentex camera lens.
Self built eyepiece tray.
500 watt power inverter 12v to 120 v.
35 amp regulated powersupply for the 12 v equipment.
Par focal rings.
Kendrick dew heater system for the 10 inch and the 90 mm scopes.
Color filters=Red,Green,Dark blue,light blue.
Baader filters=fringe killer and uv-ir filter.
Lumicon oiii nebula filter.
As you can see i prefer Meade products.