ED APO Triplet Refractor
  Fully Multi-Coated

This is my review of the Meade 80 mm APO.
I compaired the Meade 80 mm APO to my Williams Optice 80 mm Megrez II for this test.
Both telescopes are 480 mm in focal lenght and f/6 in focal ratio.
Side by side both Telescopes looks the same with different colors. The Meade APO uses a threaded lens cover
and the Williams optics uses a slip cover to cover the objective lens.
Compairing the two telescopes side by side visually the Meade had crisper images and a bit more contrast.
Also visually the Meade telescope has no apparant visable CA.Both Telescopes utilize a crayford style focuser.
The Williams optic Telescope did have some apparant Ca on the brighter stars in my tests.
Both telescopes can be mounted on a larger telescore or can be mounted on a camera tripod with the supplied mounting bracket.
The next thest I ran were through a CCD imager.Tests on the Williams optics Megrez II gave nice results
but did have some Ca and some fringing around the stars.
The Meade 80 MM APO under the CCD test performed very well with no apparent fringing or CA around any of the stars.
The Meade 80 mm APO comes shipped in a very nice brushed aluminum case and can be purchased with an optional 2 inch diagonal.
The Diagonal is one of the best I've used and works very nice. For visual use or imaging this is a very nice telescope.
The Crayford style focuser is nice and smooth for focusing anf I have found no slop of focus shift at all.
The focuser also has a tension adjustment and a focus lock to help keep it aligned and focused for several nights of imaging.
In my opinion you can not find a better telescope on the market for the money.
This telescope delivers great optics,great quality at a real nice price. For images captured with the Meade 80 mm APO visit the Meade site.


Mark Sibole